Monday, November 22, 2010

New Blog

I have been working on a new blog (Don't worry. I'm still keeping this one!). For those of you who don't know, I've started doing photography professionally. It feels weird to say that. I still feel like I'm stumbling around in the dark trying to figure stuff out. But I think I'm getting better.
And I have clients.
I'm starting a new blog that will follow me on my journey. And I've decided to be honest. I mean, really honest. For some reason, my whole life I've felt the need to be the person that already knows everything. Not in a snotty way, just in an "I don't want anyone to know I don't know how to do this because I don't want to appear weak and vulnerable" way. I'm trying to change that. Because I don't know everything. And having a child has brought out in me the love of learning something new again.
And hey, maybe it'll inspire someone. Who knows. :)
For those of you who are on Facebook, please "like" Cassie Allen Photography and pass the word!
Here are some recent photos.
 Mr. Cool Dude
 Snack time in our house looks like this. Luckily, nothing has been shoved up his nose. :)
This is from a recent shoot. This is Lindsay, whom I knew in my "former life", and her family.
All mashed together in chaotic awesomeness.

Lindsay is also a photographer and just yesterday, I was on the other side of the camera with Hubs. Lindsay was amazing and we had an absolute blast. I can't wait to show you pictures!

Happy Monday!

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lori (aka: marzi) said...

i really love that first picture of griffin. LOVE.