Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wa hoo 32!

Yesterday was my birthday.
I had a fabulous, quiet day with my two favorite boys.
The Hubster woke me up by handing me a piping hot mug of hot chocolate and then created an amazing breakfast pizza!
He then proceeded to clean out the litter box, do the dishes, and generally clean up the house. What a gift! :)
It was a beautiful day so we took a walk through the woods.
Griffin had never walked on a trail before and he did so great!
 It was the middle of the day but the light was beautifully filtered through the trees.
 One of my favorite pictures of the day!
 The best gift was when my busy, crazy boy asked me to hold him.
He didn't even mind when the Hubster snapped some photos! Not only am I the one always behind the camera but Dude never sits still for a picture. This was such a great moment!
 Speak softly and carry a big stick.
Later on in the evening, the Hubster and I had a date.
We haven't had a date in a very long time.
With the Dude at Nana's we were free to do what we wanted for a whole 2 hours!
We were going to go out to dinner but I opted to change things up. I wanted to have Chinese take out and rent a movie just like we used to when we were dating. Back then, when I would worry about money, Hubs would tell me, "We have $12 in the bank. Yay! We can have Chinese!". He's so Glass Is Half Full. :)
Back at home, I changed into my PJs and we watched the movie loudly. Seems we never get the chance to use our surround sound to it's full ability! It felt so nice to sit and breathe for a little bit. We love our Little Dude but it seems lately we barely have the time to even look at each other!
 It was the perfect end to the day.

I have such a blessed life.
I love who I am, who I'm with, and where my life - both personally and professionally - is going. 
Bring it, 32!


Katrina said...

Great post-- I love the shot of you and your boy! He's getting so big! And all those beautiful curls! SOOO adorable.

Jennifer said...

Wow, Cassie, you have a beautiful way of cherishing the truly important aspects of life. What a gift! I do have to say, I was a little emotional about the photos. I'm (obviously) a huge advocate of children in wild to see you, your awesome hubby and beautiful boy spending your birthday in the woods, I got a little choked up. If you need a book to read (because we all have so much extra time), you may (or may not) be interested in Richard Louv's "Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder."

MissE said...

That one of you and Griffing is beautiful. Sounds like a perfect day!