Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Very Webb City Christmas

Last weekend we visited Matt's family in Webb City. The drive down was gloomy and rainy and what normally is a 5 hour trip took 7 with stops for feeding and changing needs! Griffin, as expected, was wonderful! He slept almost the whole time and was content to play by himself with his teething ring and stuffed animals! 

When we arrived, Griffin was greeted and treated to lots of hugs and kisses all around! He was particularly excited to see Sissy Rachael! After a great dinner at Mazzio's Pizza (which used to be a "Ken's Pizza", remember that?) we headed back to the house to open gifts. Griffin received lots of much needed clothes for the winter and a new stuffed animal - a monkey! He loved helping to open his gifts and thought the wrapping paper was just delicious! :) Matt and I were treated to a new Slow Cooker!! I am very excited about that - it will really lessen the stress of preparing dinner each night! 

The hotel was just as fun! It had wireless, so Rachael, Matt and I played around on my iPod touch and Rachael was able to do some homework. Griffin was just exhausted but stayed up to play some more with Sissy before sacking out! 

The drive home was long but the trip was worth it. We hadn't been down that way in 2 years! We are thankful for family this Christmas!