Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Blog, Beach Boys, and a Naked House

My new blog is up! It's nothing fancy yet. No real design to it. Not even a picture! (Ha!) I just wanted to get the first post up. Do me a favor and click "follow" so I know you're out there!
Awesomeness sure to come. :)

Christmas is in full swing. I baked Christmas Cookies with my mother this afternoon. It has become a tradition and we cranked out some awesome ones this year! On the menu: Chocolate Crinkles, Chocolate Chip cookies with chopped up Andes mints baked in, Peanut Butter cookies, Pumpkin cookies, Cyclops cookies & Chocolate Peppermint Bark.
 A-Yum. A-Yum. A-Yum.
In a mere 3 hours, we cranked out about 6 dozen cookies. The tunes?
Staple Christmas music at mom's. Beach Boys, Hawaiian Christmas, & Andy Williams.
Old School.

Hubs and I haven't decorated for Christmas in 6 years. SIX YEARS. We blame it on our house being too small. And the 5 bins of decorations that are in the storage unit waaaay across town. And being too busy. And the cats. And strawberries. Because one excuse is as good as another. We both would love a house filled to the brim with Christmas decorations but somehow each year just zooms by.
There's always next year.
And maybe we'll decorate.

It's so windy right now that it sounds like someone is beating on the house.
This calls for a hot chocolate. 
Good night, readers.  

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