Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Sissy Here!"

Sissy hasn't been able to visit us for a month and a half. That's too long for the Hubs and I.
It's PAINFULLY long for Big Man.
Big Man gets soooo excited when Sissy comes to visit. "Sissy HERE!" he says.
These two have a crazy bond like I've never seen before. Big Man NEEDS his Sissy. He's gotten so excited to see her before that he's thrown up all over his ecstatic self. And she's loves her brother.
When she's here, she jumps right in and helps with everything and she's so patient with him.
It's an amazing thing to see.
We ventured out today so I can get some potential Christmas Card pictures. Big Man was his usual busy, exhausting self. But they had fun and I captured some memories.
 The first shot of the day! Can you believe it?

 Just look at her. Simply gorgeous.
 Griffin ran away to play with Daddy for awhile so I took the opportunity to get some Sissy shots. It's been two whole years since I had the camera just on her alone. She's all grown up!

 They always have fun together. Always.
 That's my girl. :)
And that's my boy. Wouldn't have it any other way!

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