Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Good Day

It was so chilly, but we had fun!
He loves his stroller! When I put him in it, he wildly kicks his feet...he knows what's coming! 
 Excited scream!
I just wanted to post some photos of yesterday. It was cold but Mama and Griffin felt a bit trapped in the house, so we braved the wind and went for a short walk! When Griffin was a newborn, we would walk for hours around New Town in the late afternoons because it really calmed him down. Now, our walks consist of learning all about new things like crunching leaves, petting little doggies that pass by, and gazing at the fountains. I just love our walks and will always cherish each one. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Griffin used to fall asleep every night on Matt. He couldn't fall asleep any other way. When I would pick him up out of his crib, he would snuggle into my neck and suck his thumb. "I just love our snuggly baby", I would say. Matt and I used to turn on soft music at night and dance with him and he would just melt into us. 

Then one day, about a month or so ago, I went to his crib and he reached up for me! I was so excited to see that he was telling me that he wants me to hold him and love him and squeeze him! Sadly, I was mistaken. The minute I picked him up, he started pushing me away with his hands AND feet! I was a bathtub full of water to his cat. I was crushed. This went on and on and I wondered where our "Mayor of Snuggle Town" went!

Now, I couldn't be happier. Do I wish that my son would just sit still for ONE second sometimes? YES! Am I sad that I've become merely the vehicle to get him out of the confines of his crib and into all the fun stuff? You bet! But I am blessed to have a little boy that wants to be a part of LIFE! Of everything! He is constantly smiling and laughing when he sees a new toy or tries a new food. He loves meeting new people. He wakes up every morning with a huge smile, ready to take on the day.

This little man daily tests my physical strength and my emotional limits. He is exhausting and there ARE those days that I practiacally throw him at Matt the minute he walks through the door! But, more than anything, he daily brings me to a state of joy. An "Attitude of Gratitude". He has made the quality of our lives better. 

I am grateful.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snot Face!!

Griffin makes this face we call "Snot Face" and it makes me laugh SO hard!! It is elusive, however...But I was able to capture it! Enjoy!! HAHA! :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sara and Grandpa Dick. I couldn't get the image rotated! Frustrating...


My mother and her brother
Grandpa Dick

This past weekend, my mother unearthed a treasure in her garage that she's never seen before...A photo album that belonged to her father. Growing up, the only family I ever saw was the Heusler's. We never went to visit my mother's side of the family for any holiday that I can recall. I will never get a chance to know them and that makes me very sad. But I do love to hear my mother talk about my Grandpa Dick...such reverence. Grandpa Dick was the town doctor, known and respected by all. I also learned today that not only was he also a pilot but had his own plane just because he loved to fly! I love looking at pictures of Sara. She has a very Joan Crawford-esque quality to her, although I've heard stories of wild parties! These are some of my favorite pictures from the album. I am grateful to have these pictures. Thank you for letting me scan them, Mom. (Don't worry, Sissy! I'll be putting all of them on a disc for you!)