Friday, May 23, 2008

My Sister

Today is my sister Sara's birthday!! She lives in TX with her husband, Tom and her sons, Andrew, Braden, and Colton. She's a stay at home mom and is the busiest woman I know! She is so devoted to her family and to God, I look up to her with great admiration...My favorite thing about her is her laugh! She has a million different kinds of laughs but when she laughs so hard she snorts...well, that's just the best! :) I said it in my speech at my wedding to her and I'll say it again...I know that I'll be doing well in my life if I am half the mother that she is. I wish we lived closer to each other but the time we do get to spend together, either on phone or in person, is so precious! I love you Sissy! Happy Birthday! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Family

As you all know, my family is growing!! The picture of Matt, Rachael and I is the most recent picture of the three of us and actually, Griffin is in the picture too, as I was 1 month pregnant when the picture was taken! :)

Rachael is just the best! She is so excited to have a little brother coming (she's actually been nagging us for years!!). The day we told her that she was going to be a big sister, she made a T-shirt to declare it to the world! 

She visited us last weekend and was able to see and feel Griffin move for the first time, which she thought was just too cool, but a little weird! I couldn't have asked for a better "step-child experience". We've always gotten along and she gets along so well with my family...I love you, Rachael!

My Husband

I've said it many times before (and I'll say it again and again!)...I have the best husband in the world...We met in Springfield after I graduated college, went on one date and I moved to St. Charles 3 days later! Our courtship was really fast, but we knew we were meant for each other, so we didn't wait for anything! We married in my dream location, The Conservatory, on Main Street in St. Charles (also where he proposed to me) and after 4 years together, we moved into our first home in New Town. 

He's the best man I've ever met and I thought he deserved a special blog devoted all to him...

Monday, May 19, 2008


Rachael is my 12 year old Step-Daughter and has really brought so much joy into my life! She is a very intelligent, complex, happy girl who soaks up life, like her father!! Here are some recent pictures of her...

Our Furry Boys!

Matt and I have 3 cats, Koa (The quiet one who does NOT like it when you put on "bye bye clothes"! I found him when he was 3 weeks old at death's door but am happy to say that he's now 9 years old!), Scotia (Our "Big Boy" who loves to talk and takes baths. He's 10 years old.), and Hector St. Charles (The crazy one with a guilty look in his eye at all times. He is almost 4 years old.). 

Koa is under the covers, Hector is being silly on the couch and Scotia is loving his "Daddy Time"!

My pregnancy progress!

Now that I have a new computer I can show everyone what I look like!! I love being pregnant but I can't wait to be able to move and stretch again!! I miss dancing around the house and doing my exercise videos!! It will be awesome to take long walks with Matt again around New Town. We can only take walks to the end of the block and back at the moment before I have to throw in the towel!

The pictures are of me at 4 months and at 6 months. I am now 7 months and Griffin is due in 10 weeks! I feel him moving around all the time now. He's still really gentle in his movements but he's getting very heavy!! People say I'm "all belly". He sticks out so far, it's amazing I don't tip over!! :) 

I'm still working full time and was just recently promoted to a new position at work that really plays on my strengths. When I went back to work at Innovations it was to be for only a couple of months, as they were super busy but I'm now going to take a maternity leave and go back after Griffin is born...