Monday, March 2, 2009


Sara and Grandpa Dick. I couldn't get the image rotated! Frustrating...


My mother and her brother
Grandpa Dick

This past weekend, my mother unearthed a treasure in her garage that she's never seen before...A photo album that belonged to her father. Growing up, the only family I ever saw was the Heusler's. We never went to visit my mother's side of the family for any holiday that I can recall. I will never get a chance to know them and that makes me very sad. But I do love to hear my mother talk about my Grandpa Dick...such reverence. Grandpa Dick was the town doctor, known and respected by all. I also learned today that not only was he also a pilot but had his own plane just because he loved to fly! I love looking at pictures of Sara. She has a very Joan Crawford-esque quality to her, although I've heard stories of wild parties! These are some of my favorite pictures from the album. I am grateful to have these pictures. Thank you for letting me scan them, Mom. (Don't worry, Sissy! I'll be putting all of them on a disc for you!)

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Sara said...

Love these! The top one I've never seen. So sweet! Mom was so happy telling us everything that she found. What a fun treasure!