Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Good Day

It was so chilly, but we had fun!
He loves his stroller! When I put him in it, he wildly kicks his feet...he knows what's coming! 
 Excited scream!
I just wanted to post some photos of yesterday. It was cold but Mama and Griffin felt a bit trapped in the house, so we braved the wind and went for a short walk! When Griffin was a newborn, we would walk for hours around New Town in the late afternoons because it really calmed him down. Now, our walks consist of learning all about new things like crunching leaves, petting little doggies that pass by, and gazing at the fountains. I just love our walks and will always cherish each one. 

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Sara said...

Special memories! I remember doing that a lot with Andrew! Now everyone rides around in the van...from one event to the next! :) Nice Mickey jacket, Griffin! :)