Friday, April 3, 2009

The "Money Shot"

The headshot is going to be doctored to get our hands out.

With a name like Rockstar, this kid HAS to have an agent, right? :) We just got back from getting Griffin's headshots taken and the experience was awesome. Stacy, the photographer, was so warm and inviting (and blond, which helped because Griffin can't resist blondes for some reason!). Not at all the "industry" that I was anticipating! (No offense, Katie! I just didn't know what to expect!) I was hesitant to say anything to anyone about this because I didn't want people to judge me...But when I did start to get the "word out" that Griffin joined an agency the response has been really positive! I can't wait for him to meet new people & experience new things. Heck, I'm not turning down any new clothes for him either! :) 

So, what do you think of the picture that was chosen for his official headshot? 


Kara said...

You've got yourself a handsome baby there, Cass! Best of luck to Griffin and his blossoming career!

Katrina said...

Very cute! I love it!

Sara said...

Remember Andrew's cutest baby pagent? Better than 5th, better than 4th, etc... :)

Cassie said...

I DO remember!! That's awesome! I'm glad I was there for that! :) Yeah...better than 5th, better than 4th...Haha! That probably wouldn't have been as funny if there weren't 27 people in my division!!!! HAHAHAHA!