Friday, October 15, 2010


We love it when Rachael comes to visit. We rarely do anything special or have much planned.
We just love hanging out together. We bake cupcakes, watch movies, take walks, and just play.
The last time she visited us, it was chilly. Okay, COLD.
But we bundled up and headed out for a walk.
Me and my lovie
My family
We walked to a little green patch in our community.
It has a colorful stage and Griffin had a blast chasing Sissy!
No one can make Griffin laugh like Rachael. He laughs until he's out of breath!
It's been several weeks since we've seen our Sissy. Yesterday when Griffin woke up he knocked on his door. Matt went to the door, opened it and Griffin poked his head out and asked, "Sissy?". Matt said "No, no Sissy. Daddy."
Griffin shut the door in his face and ran back to bed. :)
Happy Friday!

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