Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stompin' Grounds

With Griffin spending some quality time at my mother's house this evening, I grabbed some "me" time. I headed down to Main Street to seek out a few good locations as well as experiment with different settings on my camera. It was a beautiful evening. The weather was that PERFECT temperature and the sunshine was sooooo buttery smooth.
I was able to take a few deep breaths.
Something I don't do enough.
On Main Street there is this odd mix of fabulous antiques, old and broken down antiques, and kitschy, touristy stuff.
There are two train cars permanently on the rail road tracks along the Katy Trail.
Griffin loves to run along these old tracks.
The sun was setting and I wanted to try out some different camera settings.
This picture will always make me smile. Here I am at the base of the Walnut Tree that stands in the front yard of the building I once lived in. My mother planted a walnut. My sister and I used to leap frog over the tiny sapling. Now, it's this beast of a tall tree and I think it's fabulous.
My first self portrait! :)

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