Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Fall of it All

It's Fall in New Town!

Well, not really, but it sort of seems that way. The other day Griffin and I took a walk and much to our (well, my) surprise, piles of leaves were crunching under my feet!
That instantly brought feelings of warm, cuzzie (my mother has always said "cuzzie", not cozie) sweaters, brisk wind licking my cheeks, and hot chocolate waiting for me at home.
But it's July!
It couldn't be from too little rain...The concrete geese on my front porch
(Ma'am Goose and Baby Lucy, courtesy of my Grandmother)
have worn nothing but their rain slickers for months now!
So what's up with the dried up trees?
The picture is of the tree and bushes in the front of our house.

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