Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Big 4-0!!

Proud Daddy

My family!
(We have ants, hence the baby powder on the floor.)

My boys

Rachael did an awesome job decorating the back walk way!

Today is Matt's birthday!
It's been a wonderfully fun and relaxing day.
There was a homemade Reeses Pieces ice cream cake, homemade "ice cream" cupcakes, sidewalk chalk fun, a trip to the pool, shoe shopping, and awesome family time!

Happy Birthday, Matt! We love you!


Jen Schultheis said...

I'm so glad that you guys had the whole family together for Matt's Birthday. I can't imagine how special that was for you both!! LOVE the pictures, looks like really nice day!

Cassie said...

It was a really awesome day! My gift to Matt was that I didn't complain at all for the whole day! Haha! :)