Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting Over It

As some of you know, I hate germs. I am a serial hand washer. I change clothes numerous times a day. I take two showers a day. I carry germ-x with me everywhere...To say the least, I can be a little "Monk-ish". 

I have found - happily! - that my fear of germs has lightened a bit since having Griffin! I simply wipe off toys that have fallen on the ground (before Griffin, I would've boiled them!), I make Griffin's bottles with tap water (before would've been bottled), and I have become impervious to #1's, #2's, and spit up. 

What I haven't been able to bring myself to do is to let Griffin crawl around on the floors. (Well, that's not entirely true...He gets to crawl around when I've put yards and yards of bedsheets down first!) In an attempt to overcome my fear of what lies between the fibers of our icky, builder's grade carpets that the cats puke on, I put down only one bedsheet in Griffin's room yesterday and let himmmmm.....crawl off of it....aaaannnnd into the bathroom! He had so much fun and I was surprisingly at ease! (Probably because I knew that I was going to give him a bath last night!) But, it's something. Baby steps, as they say. 

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Sara said...

What to go Cass! Let that little guy explore! :)