Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Furry Boys!

Matt and I have 3 cats, Koa (The quiet one who does NOT like it when you put on "bye bye clothes"! I found him when he was 3 weeks old at death's door but am happy to say that he's now 9 years old!), Scotia (Our "Big Boy" who loves to talk and takes baths. He's 10 years old.), and Hector St. Charles (The crazy one with a guilty look in his eye at all times. He is almost 4 years old.). 

Koa is under the covers, Hector is being silly on the couch and Scotia is loving his "Daddy Time"!

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Kara said...

Hoosia Boobooboo, wittle baby booboo kitty cat. Did you vomit a little just now? I love your cats! I can't believe they usually all sleep on top of you guys at night. Good in the winter...not so fun in the summer when you're 7 months pregnant with a space heater husband. ;)