Monday, May 19, 2008

My pregnancy progress!

Now that I have a new computer I can show everyone what I look like!! I love being pregnant but I can't wait to be able to move and stretch again!! I miss dancing around the house and doing my exercise videos!! It will be awesome to take long walks with Matt again around New Town. We can only take walks to the end of the block and back at the moment before I have to throw in the towel!

The pictures are of me at 4 months and at 6 months. I am now 7 months and Griffin is due in 10 weeks! I feel him moving around all the time now. He's still really gentle in his movements but he's getting very heavy!! People say I'm "all belly". He sticks out so far, it's amazing I don't tip over!! :) 

I'm still working full time and was just recently promoted to a new position at work that really plays on my strengths. When I went back to work at Innovations it was to be for only a couple of months, as they were super busy but I'm now going to take a maternity leave and go back after Griffin is born...


Robyn said...

You look G-R-E-A-T... GREAT!!! You are most certainly all belly and you actually look pretty tiny for being 6 months in the bottom pictures. You're almost there!!!!!

jody said...

Cassie you look AMAZING! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I can't wait to see baby pictures!