Friday, January 14, 2011

Keep Going

In Missouri we don't get a lot of snow. We mainly get really bitter, nasty winds and lots of ice.
The other day, though, it started snowing!
Dude was so excited to head outside so I bundled him up and out we went.
I thought we could run around and catch snowflakes on our tongues or play tag and dance around.
Dude just wanted to shovel.
That's it. Shovel.
He was so excited about it too.
"I shobel, Mommy! I shobel!"
Alrighty. Shoveling it is.
 He shoveled our entire walkway!
 He did manage to catch a few snowflakes on his tongue. :)
The back of our house has a common area drive that connects all the houses on our street.
No one was coming or going at that time so I suggested that we run around a bit.
He grabbed his shovel and put it in front of him and took off running at full speed.
I had a lump in my throat as he came to the first crack in the concrete.
The shovel hit and he dropped it.
Dude picked it back up and started running again and yelled, "Keep going, Mommy! It's okay!".
Every time he hit a crack and the shovel would slip out of his little hands he would pick it up and shout the same thing.
"Keep going, Mommy! It's okay!"

At two years old, my son teaches me such important lessons. 

Happy Friday!

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