Sunday, July 4, 2010

More Patriotic Goodness!

I headed over to
to get some inspiration for more yummies on this 4th of July!
The gel food coloring that I have really missed the mark with the red color in the cake batter.
Next week's purchase will be some Americolor gel food coloring.
I hope your 4th is just as yummy as mine!
Vanilla cake cupcakes with good 'ol vanilla buttercream

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Desiree said...

Hi there!

Thanks for coming to visit and thank you for your kind compliments! In response to your question, both of my prints are by Bouguereau and I think it's called The Kiss but when I googled that, it didn't come up.

They were gifts and the back said so I went there but I couldn't find that particular print. Sorry! :-(

They're not really my husband's taste, but I'm with you - I love them and they're staying!