Friday, September 26, 2008

Forest Park Balloon Race

Each year Forest Park has a hot air balloon race that is just amazing!! When I was younger my Mom, Dad and I would go and chase the balloons and find where they landed. Dad was always crazy driving, weaving in and out of downtown St. Louis! This year, my Mom, Matt, Griffin and I went and it was as amazing as ever! We didn't do any chasings...We went into the park and watched the balloons launch and tether. The colors against the "is it going to rain or not?" sky was awesome! The energizer bunny, or the "hare" of the race each year, did not lift off this year, so we got to watch it tether for a long time. It's huge! We found out that it's taller than the Statue of Liberty, it's ears stick out of Busch Stadium when it was in there, and 15 MILLION AA energizer batteries can fit inside of it's body!! We had a great time and, of course, Griffin slept right through it!! 

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