Sunday, August 15, 2010


This weekend we learned the colors green (geen), pink (ink), purple (puple), and yellow (yeyow). We learned this by using bottles of royal icing that were in each of those colors.
There was a lot of screaming and clapping with each correct answer. Yellow is his favorite.
It sounds best when said at the top of your lungs.
The world is opening up to me once again. Learning new things is not a chore, but a joy.
I think I'll try screaming and clapping at work the next time I learn something new. :)
To say that G is a happy boy is an understatement. He just bubbles, oozes, and explodes with laughter and smiles all the time. This is the perfect picture of him.
Crazy hair, dancing eyes, and a huge smile.

I love this picture.

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