Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day Cupcakes - Take 1!

I wanted to experiment with some Valentine's Day cupcake ideas and my friend, Michelle, was having a party so voila! The perfect excuse to get baking!
I can't wait for round 2 for my husband's co-workers!
My handsome taste tester!
Minis - These two kinds were my favorite.
More minis
Regular sized cupcakes. I was disappointed with how the fondant turned out.
It just had this "dusted" look to it that I didn't like. :(
Same thing here with the flowers and that "dusted" look. Here's all 5 together!
All ready for transport!


Little Miss Cupcake said...

What flavors are they? The all look so gorgeous!!!! Responded to your Q about dust on FB. Let me know if you get better results next time!

Cassie said...

The flavor is just a vanilla cupcake with traditional buttercream. I really want to get into different flavors of buttercream but don't really know where to start. I got your response to the dusted look and greatly appreciate it! I will let you know for sure! :)