Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a great Halloween! Griffin and I spent the afternoon youtubing great songs like "Purple People Eater", "Pumpkinhead Harvey", and "Monster Mash". At 4:00 Nana picked him up for his first overnight at her house! From 4 to 7, I was a mess. I haven't been alone like that in a long time and I was cleaning the house like crazy to take  my mind off of it! When Matt got home from work, we started our 4th annual Scary Movie Marathon (although we only made it through 2 movies, "Mothman Prophecies" and "Strangeland", because we started so late).

The next day we went to our annual Halloween Chili Party at the Pompe's and had lots of fun! Griffin was the life of the party, as that was his first appearance...Eva dressed in a princess dress, although she was really a spider for Halloween, Tom was pretty tame this year, Steve and Terry were upstairs the whole night (a first), and Griffin fell in love with Gavin's fiance, Beth. He was a huge flirt! We ate until we felt we could bust then we went home to bed. 

Today is the day before my 30th birthday. I am feeling so good about where I am in this life and what I've been able to accomplish these past few years...A few years ago I thought 30 was going to be very hard because I was not happy with where I was. I have never been happier than I am now. It's amazing what such a short time can do! I can't wait for the next 30 years!

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Sara said...

Sounds like lots of fun in MO! So glad you are in a happy place! Those pics of Griffin are TOO cute! Hug him from Auntie Sara! :)