Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Best Friend!

My crew at Innovations got this cute frog for Griffin as part of a presant for his birth and he can't get enough of it!! I decided that it would be his "Changing Friend" so he could focus on something while getting a diaper change (he doesn't like getting changed or wiped down - typical little boy!) and during changings he would chew on Mr. Frog's feet! Now we put it in the crib with him (except when he's asleep) and he just stares and stares at it! He chews on his nose and holds his hand and can now follow it with his eyes when I move it around (Nana taught him how to focus and follow objects!)! Mr. Frog is now part of the family, as he is Griffin's best friend!

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Sara said...

Too funny! Love you!