Saturday, July 5, 2008

Shower of Love!!

My sister and mother threw me the best baby shower!! I was truly touched by how many people came and what great fun we all had!! My sister started off the evening with passing around a stuffed Pooh Bear and each person had to say how they know me and a funny thing about me. Then we played IbabyTunes, and baby Bingo! I opened my gifts and was blown away at all of the things that Matt and I don't have to worry about getting! All the gifts were a great blessing! My favorite part of the night was when Sara brought out an ice cream birthday cake for Griffin and gave each guest a candle. Each person put their candle into the cake and said aloud a wish that they wish for Griffin! I felt so loved and cared for, of course I started crying!! My sister and mother are just the best...My mom has seen me everyday of my pregnancy and has talked me through all my fears and my sister...she lives in TX! It's beyond me how she, with her busy life and 3 sons, can come home and have the time and energy to throw me the best party! It was an evening filled with great food, friends, stories, laughs, games, good wishes, and blessings. Matt and I are so grateful to all of our friends and family that came and shared this special time! Thank you Sissy and Mom! I love you both more than you can ever know!!

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Sara said...

Love you too! So happy to make your shower special for you! Love that pic of MOM!!! :)